Blogger fail… or why I chose WordPress


August 13, 2012 by quirkyuncle

Starting this new blog (my first!), I wanted to choose a free hosting environment. There are two clear leaders: Blogger and WordPress. I know people that successfully use each of them and both are fine tools. Surprisingly, asking opinions about the services can get you into a rather passionate discussion. Apparently, we can add “blog hosts” to the list of touchy topics along with religion and politics.

My research showed the two services to be remarkably similar. There is plenty data out there, with no need to repeat it here. Prospective bloggers should read a bunch of it and then make a choice based on their own personal needs and goals.

Look at the facts, be not swayed by opinions!

I ended up choosing Blogger (GASP!), the main reason being a fairly universal opinion (note use of the word ‘opinion’) that it was much easier to use. I wanted to get started and hit the ground running… fast! I was a bit concerned about reports of Google randomly deleting blogs that its automated tools found suspicious, but what could I ever write that might be ‘suspicious’?

I got my Blogger blog set up in under 15 minutes. Not bad. I went to edit my first page and it informed me that the blog had been deleted and the name locked due to suspicious content.

Suspicious content? There wasn’t any content! There was nothing in there aside from the name.

Is being quirky now equated with being suspicious? Should I expect a midnight visit from Homeland Security? Gee…

So, I requested the unlock code that Blogger offered via text message. I entered it and got re-deleted two more times before receiving an email from Blogger telling me that I’d need a review of my case. Nice.

The following day I decided this was a bad omen and set up my WordPress blog. Had it up in 9 minutes. Choosing display themes and writing content in under 10 minutes, what’s so hard about that?

Blogger has now been reviewing my case for over three days. I’ve heard nothing from them at all. In that time I’ve been happily formatting my WordPress blog, writing a couple posts, and getting some feedback… no problems or difficulties, at all.

Blogger FAIL!

Remember… always look at the facts and make your own choices. Take any opinions, including mine, with a grain of salt.


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