Breathe easier in the land of milk and honey


September 13, 2012 by quirkyuncle

Oh, boy! We’re entering another allergy season! Instead spending the next several weeks drugged and miserable, you might get some relief by consuming locally produced natural products like honey and milk.

Allergy shots introduce trace amounts of materials that you’re allergic to into your body, which helps your immune system to react properly. The things found in locally produced honey and milk can accomplish the same thing, without sticking you in the arm or your wallet.

Bee my honey!
Honey contains trace amounts of pollen. The honey produced by local bees can contain the same local pollens that are causing your allergies. The closer the bee hives are to where you live or work, the higher the probability that the honey will include the same allergens that affect you.

Consuming as little as 2 to 3 teaspoons of local honey per day is all that it takes to help improve your allergy symptoms. You might need to try the honey from several local bee keepers, to make sure that their honey contains the same pollens that you’re allergic to – there is no guarantee that the bees from any particular hive will frequent the same plants.

Like anything other new thing you’re exposed to, you might have an allergic reaction when consuming local honey for the first time. Be prepared. Also, since honey can contain a bacteria that causes infant botulism, children under 12 months of age whose immune systems aren’t fully developed should not eat it at all.

Moo cow milk has minerals… and other fine things…
Consuming raw milk from a local farm can be even more effective at helping your allergies than local honey.

As it was explained to me, in addition to the beneficial materials found in honey, raw milk also contains antibodies that the cow passes to its calf. All unprocessed milk contains antibodies, which augment a baby’s immune system until it is strong enough to face the world on its own.

The biggest problem is finding a farm licensed to sell raw milk to the public – it’s not legal in all states or municipalities. To be licensed, a farm selling raw milk needs to be tested and meet the same cleanliness criteria as the processed milk you buy at your local supermarket. It needs to be a very clean farm!

While you can find farmers just about everywhere that sell raw milk “not for human consumption,” you are assuming a risk in consuming a product that has not undergone regulated testing and licensing. It might be fine, it might not.

The true story of how raw milk changed my life!
I had severe allergies since I was a small child, getting shots twice a week from the doctor during the worst part of the allergy season. I also took lots of medicine to keep me stable and carried an asthma inhaler for my worst reactions.

Approaching middle age, I met a nutritionist who suggested that drinking raw milk from a licensed local farmer might help my allergies. Within two weeks my symptoms completely disappeared and I stopped going to the doctor. I was allergy free for the first time in 30 years!

We moved out of state, several years later, to a place where raw milk is not sold. Amazingly, my symptoms never returned. I’ve been allergy free for an additional 10 years, after stopping raw milk. The cure was permanent!

If you can’t find local bee keepers and dairy farms in your phone book, ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. You can also contact the agricultural program at a local high school or college for suggestions. Each state also farm bureaus and agricultural departments that can provide useful information about local regulations.

Good luck! Feel better!


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