Yes, even YOU can DIY!


September 26, 2012 by quirkyuncle

“Ouch! The screwdriver hurts my hand!”

Well, that’s why I’m here.

Over the years, a lot of people have told me “I can’t do that, I’m not like you.” (The word “you” is typically pronounced with some level of disdain, as if I’m different than them.)

In all honesty, I suppose that I am different than someone who says this: I’m a person who decided to try.

Let me dispel a few myths that seem to be circulating about veteran DIYers:

  • None of us flew from the womb wearing a tool belt, with a wrench in one hand and a circular saw in the other (this is probably fortunate).
  • We did not inherit the Sears Craftsman tool department. Most of us purchased our tools, over a period of many years, one at a time. We pay for them with the money we save by doing it ourselves.
  • You’ve heard of the School of Hard Knocks? We did not go there. We attended the Academy of the Bruised and Confused, where classes covered topics such as: how to hit your thumb with a hammer twice in a row, measure once/cut twice, creative cursing, and estimating how many Advil are required for a job.
  • No, the first projects we tackled were not a four level deck with spiral staircase and integrated fountain or rebuilding the engine in our car. We started making bookends (that would not stand up straight) and replacing the windshield wipers on our car (putting them in backwards the first few times).

The point is, you start small and build on your experience. Read. Research. The Internet is a fantastic resource! DIYers love to talk about what they do and offer advice. Ask around, you might be surprised what folks around you know how to do.

Keep in mind…

  • You will be tired and sore. (No pain, no gain!)
  • Your weekends will be over before you know it. (Time files when you’re having fun!)
  • You will hurt yourself, on occasion. (Small cuts and bruises are a badge of honor!)
  • You will screw things up, make mistakes, and break things. (No thing of value comes without risk.)

Yes, be prepared. You will, at some point, spend hours working on something and find out it’s all wrong and needs to be dismantled and possibly thrown away. It happens to all of us.


  • You will learn and grow from each of your experiences. Both your successes and your failures will will help make you a stronger DIYer.
  • You will get immense satisfaction looking at what you’ve accomplished.
  • And… you will save a butt-load of money (that you can use to buy more tools and supplies).

It’s an addiction.

So, why are you still reading this? Get going!!!

And, check back often for new posts on how to do things! I’m here to help!


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