REVIEW – Freedom Pro Keyboard


November 8, 2012 by quirkyuncle

The Freedom Pro Keyboard connects to your mobile device using Bluetooth, letting you enter lots of data easily when away from your computer.

We are using mobile devices more and more to fulfill our computing needs. While these devices might be great to read email, browse the web, or interact with social media on a mobile device, entering large quantities of text with an on-screen keyboard can become tedious. A Bluetooth keyboard is one solution that provides the benefits of a traditional keyboard while still allowing you to travel light.

I’ve been using a Freedom Pro Keyboard for about three years with several mobile devices. While it does not feel quite as good as the keyboard on a computer or laptop, it does provide good tactile feedback and is much better for heavy text entry than an on-screen keyboard. It works great when away from the house or office, or when you decide to do some work out on the patio. The size of a paperback book, it is easily carried, and includes a stand to hold your phone at an angle so you can read the screen when you are typing.

Bluetooth keyboards are made by several manufacturers. When I was buying mine, the Freedom Pro model was rated as the best in the market for quality and feel. It was also compatible with the smart phone that I was using at the time, a BlackBerry Storm, and the devices I was hoping to acquire in the future, an iPhone and iPad. It works flawlessly with all three. The Freedom Pro uses two AAA batteries rated for 90 hours of use. The batteries are included, along with a decent travel case.

Note: Using Bluetooth increases the battery drain on your mobile device. I do notice more impact when using the keyboard with a phone than when using it with an iPad, since the iPad battery has much greater capacity. It’s not like using the keyboard sucks your phone battery dry in no time, but thought I should mention it so you can plan accordingly.

Freedom currently offers several keyboard products for your mobile device input needs. There are several different form factors to meet your specific application. The Freedom Pro Keyboard model that I own lists for $99. I see them advertised for $79 and picked mine up as an “open box” clearance for under $50.

Give it some thought. Whether you’re writing the next great American novel or blogging on the go, a Bluetooth keyboard might be right for you! Coupled with a word processor application, such as Pages for iOS, it can take your writing to a whole new level of mobility!


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