February 7, 2013 by quirkyuncle

Why are there so many pliers?

This is a picture of my plier drawer. It is chock full of pliers, cutters that look like pliers, and other plier-esque tools for grabbing things. There are a lot more items in there than the basic pliers I listed in Essential Tools, so what’s the deal?!

What you see in the drawer are a collection of general-purpose pliers and cutters that were each purchased to make a specific task easier. There are pliers for fine electronic work, pliers for plumbing repairs, pliers for working on the car… the list goes on. As you progress thought your DIY experience, you’ll accumulate a number of pliers and cutters, possibly ending up with more than you see here. They’re cool tools that they end up having so many uses beyond the job you originally got them for.

Intimidated? Fret not! Your purchases will be made gradually on an as-needed basis and the cost will be more than offest by the savings you’ll realize by doing the work yourself.

As you view the procedures given on this website, if any unique pliers or cutters are required to do a job, I’ll list them at the beginning of the task topic.

When buying pliers, as with all tools, stick with known-reputable brands for quality tools that can last a lifetime.


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