Hidden Mazda RX8 spark plugs


March 7, 2014 by quirkyuncle@gmail.com

There actually is an easy way to access the spark plugs on a Mazda RX8! Accessing them from the top is not the answer.

Hidden RX8 spark plugs

Considering how small the engine is, there is a lot of stuff packed in to an RX8 engine compartment. You can see all four spark plugs from the top – reaching them is another matter. The first time I changed the plugs in my RX8, it took me way longer than I expected and left my hands all torn up. There had to be a better way. Turns out there is. The spark plugs in an RX8 are easily accessed after you remove the front left (driver side in the USA) tire.

You then release the clip and pull back this rubber flap…

They are behind the flap

…and the plugs are right there.

RX8 spark plugs exposed

Once exposed, you can easily remove and install them using a spark plug socket with an extension and a wobble joint.

There are four plugs in the RX8. You need two each of the upper and lower type. The plug type that goes in each location is clearly marked on the engine block casting.

Removing a tire might seem like a lot of effort to access the spark plugs, but believe me, it is time well spent.

Life is full of surprises!

When I was changing my spark plugs, I found something quite unexpected: one of my spark plugs was broken.

Broken plug surprise

Broken plug

I’m not sure how this happened, as the plugs were fine a couple months ago when I removed them for cleaning after they became fouled (a common RX8 issue). This accounts for why the car started hard and idled rough – aside from one spark plug being snapped, the plugs didn’t look all that bad, otherwise.


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