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There are many automotive DIY articles here at QuirkyUncle. There are lots of good reasons why you should do your own auto repair.

This page is divided into the following sections:

  • All Automotive DIY is a list of all the automotive DIY postings. While the tasks are shown being performed on a specific vehicle, the techniques used are typically applicable to other vehicle types. Items in the list that are vehicle specific are also shown in the article list for each specific vehicle type.
  • General BMW information shows some information tailored more specifically toward BMWs, although it might have wider applicability.
  • BMW X3 (E83) DIY shows DIY tasks being performed on a 2006 BMW X3 (E83) 3.0i.
  • BMW Z4 (E85) DIY shows DIY tasks being performed on a 2007 BMW Z4 (E85) 3.0i roadster.
  • Maxda RX8 DIY shows DIY tasks being performed on a 2004 Mazda RX8.
  • Ford Mustang DIY shows DIY tasks being performed on a 2000 Ford Mustang (base V6).

All Automotive DIY:

General BMW information:

BMW X3 (E83) DIY:

BMW Z4 (E85) DIY:

Maxda RX8 DIY:

Ford Mustang DIY:


  1. Rick says:

    Is it recommended that the battery of my X3 be disconnected in order to repair the driving dog on my rear drivers side window?

    • says:

      BMW recommends disconnecting the battery for many maintenance procedures. To be 100% honest, I did not disconnect mine when performing this procedure.

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